My name is Kristin van Vloten. I founded Salvo Communications to provide ghostwriting and copywriting support to experts, executives, and organizations who want to build their brands, especially in the area of thought leadership. My clients have breakthrough ideas, unique experiences, and compelling missions. I have the creativity and communications savvy to turn these materials into powerful pieces of content, from websites to non-fiction books. I have co-authored or ghostwritten multiple Amazon best-selling non-fiction books for my clients.

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There are four things you should know about working with me:

This is not the easy way out Many leaders hesitate to outsource their content-writing. They believe a hired gun couldn’t possibly nail the nuances of their communication style or do justice to the complexity of their thought leadership. Or they perceive ghostwriting as a cheap way out, a surefire way to generate bland and inferior content. But trust me: whatever you want to share with your industry or your clients will gain added power as a result of this partnership. This is a value-add, not a cop-out.

This is your leanest thought leadership solution If you’re busy enough, you may be tempted to offload writing tasks to staff members who aren’t equipped to do the job properly. But if you build your organization by investing into a few key pieces of professionally written content—say an E-book for your website or a periodic article for LinkedIn—then maybe one day you’ll have a staff of writers. Trust me, establishing your reputation as an influencer through exceptional content is one job you need to outsource to a professional.

It’s understood that the goal is growth It’s one thing to hire a writer who has a way with words. It’s another thing entirely to hire a writer who understands the modern marketing landscape. You need content that expresses your brand, drives conversions, generates leads, and establishes your thought leadership. I have written copy for global brands and small businesses alike, so when you work with me, you can leverage my marketing and branding knowledge as well as my writing skills.

I am determined to make you feel great My goal is to make my clients feel fantastic on a number of fronts. First, they gain access to a service-provider (i.e. me) who is flexible, efficient, kind, and driven to provide value. Secondly, seeing their ideas and experiences translated into on-point written content gives them new stores of clarity and confidence. For some, it’s nothing short of a dream come true. And unless I’m helping my clients to have that kind of experience, I truly don’t see the point.

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