Co-Author? Why Hiring a Writer Could Help You Finish Your Book


It seems counter-intuitive: you want to write a book so you hire a writer. Yet recruiting a co-author might be your best hope for getting your book finished—and to the standard of quality you know it deserves.

What do I mean when I say “co-author”? Well, if you check out my services, you’ll see that I’m a professional writer who provides ghostwriting and copywriting support to leaders and entrepreneurs. This “support” could mean writing a piece of content entirely on my own (e.g., an article that appears under my client’s name). But it could also mean partnering with my client on the writing, or simply editing what they have written.

So when I work as a co-author with a client, that means I am collaborating with that client to write a book. How the heck does that work? All sorts of different ways. It could mean: Keep reading

August 25, 2016

Choosing a Ghostwriter: 4 Factors, Ranked

Choosing a ghostwriter

So you’ve got a project—a book, series of articles, white paper—big enough, complicated enough, or important enough to necessitate hiring a ghostwriter. What’s the point of doing something if you’re not planning on doing it right, no? Hiring someone to take the job of writing off your plate will be lovely, but now you have a whole new job: choosing a ghostwriter who will be worth your money.

What are the factors you should consider when choosing a ghostwriter? And how should these rank? Well, as an actual ghostwriter, I have a super-insider’s view of what makes a ghostwriter worth hiring. You could say I know exactly how the sausage is made. (As an enthusiastic carnivore, I don’t consider this a disparaging metaphor.)

If I were choosing a ghostwriter, these are the factors I would consider, ranked for relative importance: Keep reading

June 8, 2016

What’s it Like to Write a Book With a Ghostwriter?


When people ask me what I do for work and I get to answer, “ghostwriter”, I enjoy the confused expressions for a second. Then I explain: “I write books for people based on their ideas and experiences. Or I give them lots and lots of help to write their own.”

I don’t think that answer clears up much for most people. I figure a lot of them are still in the dark about how something like that would work.

So what’s it like to get a ghostwriter to write a book with you?

The quick answer is you get a book that’s informative/interesting/inspiring/(insert your desired adjective) without having to do a lot of work. Plus, it’s work that (if you’re honest with yourself) you’re not all that well equipped to do.

When you hire a ghostwriter, you get a book without having to: Keep reading

May 11, 2016

3 Things That Shouldn’t Shock You—But Will—When You Publish Your Book

Writing a book is an amazing experience—reserved specifically for psychos. What, you have so much to say you gotta divide it up into chapters and print it up? Did you get enough attention as a child?

Just kidding. My book-writing clients and I are psychos only in the most complimentary sense. It takes tenacity and focus to convert your life experiences, ideas, or unique intellectual property into a well-crafted and engaging publication (i.e. your insanity is of the high-functioning variety). And if it helps to be crazy like the fox when you’re taking on Herculean task of writing a book, you’re going to need extra reserves of wild-eyed determination when you reach the publication prep phase.

At this stage, you will be proofing your manuscript, working with a designer to lay it out, and making final decisions about the look and format of your book. It’s such an exciting phase, but you are guaranteed to encounter particularly potent stresses at this juncture. Writing your book tenderized your formerly robust mind. Editing nearly killed you. You’re tired and ready for the end of the project. You’re as defenceless as a highly literate little bunny. And then—WHAM. Unexpected challenges. They shouldn’t surprise you but they will.

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September 19, 2015

Escape The Brand Trap, Female Entrepreneurs


Hey Ladies!

Real talk: your business won’t start taking off once you finally nail your branding.

“Perfect Branding” isn’t the magic pill that will cure whatever is ailing your biz. Stop obsessing naow or you are dead meat, baby girl. Yes, your website might suck. In fact, it probably does, at least a little. But that matters so much less than you think. And your fixation with what may or may not suck about your “brand” is actually killing your business.

“Does My Marketing Make Me Look Fat?”

In Canada, where I live, more than 35% of all self-employed people are female, which means more women are choosing to start and run businesses than ever before. So far, so good. However, I believe a significant portion of this female 35% is wasting the revolutionary potential of their self-employment by transferring their habitual concerns with appearance onto their business. They’re used to worrying way too much about how good they look (physically and socially), so they tend to worry way too much about how well their branding is coming across.

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August 13, 2015

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