Communication Core FAQs

Read about the Communication Core first. 

What if I’d like to book more time with you? Do you only do two sessions and that’s it? What if I have more questions or a communications challenge comes up in my life that I need help with?

I am A-OK with booking more sessions with you. In fact, building longer-term relationships with clients who want ongoing communications support and a creative collaboration partner is the best possible outcome. In one instance, I co-authored a book with a client!

What if I want help writing things other than my Mission Statement, Personal Brand Statement, Elevator Speech, or ‘About’ page? What if I need help writing my LinkedIn summary, or I have a speaking engagement or a video interview that I need help preparing for?

Ask me for a Communications Menu and feel free to tick off the boxes that apply to you. Or if you have a bigger project like a course you’re delivering or a non-fiction book you want to write we can talk about designing a workplan for Creative Collaboration.

I’d really rather meet in person than over the phone. Can’t we do that?

I love meeting clients in person! I totally understand the desire to just sit with someone, make eye contact, and cut technology out of the equation. If this is a strong preference of yours, I can add a surcharge for travel costs (within reason).

What if what you write for me in the Communication Core isn’t quite ‘it’, or I want to request some changes?

No problem. I will do up to three rewrites based on your feedback. The idea is to produce something that feels like a brilliant reflection of your unique message, and frees you to start communicating with more unbridled confidence in your own value. Although my clients say I can get to that goodness pretty quickly, a little bit of refining work is a normal part of the process.  

I like this so far, but I’d like to ground my branding process and communications work in more than just ‘what I feel’ or who I think I am. How can we ensure my message is going to resonate with the clients I want?  

You are smart. Ask me about my Client Research Report. In my experience, if you want to undergo a market research process that has maximum bang for your buck, you need to involve your best clients in the conversation. Ultimately, you will have so much more clarity about how your clients see you, why they value you, and how you need to be communicating with them.

Sounds good. Let’s say hi to each other and explore the possibility of working together. 

February 20, 2015

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