Adera Angelucci

Adera Angelucci is the creator and host of Passionpreneur TV, a media and television outlet for small business owners. She and her partner Ryan Smith produce Passionpreneur TV through their marketing and video production company, Spiro Creative.

Adera is like many dyed-in-the-wool entrepreneurs. She’s an ideas woman, a whirlwind of creativity and connectivity, and she’s very pressed for time. Plus, when you are as naturally attuned to the wide-open world of possibilities as Adera is, communicating a focused message can be a real challenge.

She approached me for assistance putting together a short presentation, which became the jumping-off point for a brand identity investigation and a fresh Creative Collaboration. After a series of Communication Coaching sessions and a Client Research Report that involved Adera’s best clients in the conversation, a few branding themes came into strong focus.

That newfound clarity encouraged Adera to launch a new phase in her business and confidently step forward as a community-builder. Check out the Passionpreneur TV website representing this new era of Passionpreneur community-building, complete with Salvo-written content, and featuring a new workshop created by Salvo for the Passionpreneur Community. It’s called How To Clarify Your Message & Communicate It With Crazy Confidence because clarity and confidence are the natural by-products of the Salvo-Passionpreneur alliance.

Creative Collaboration (Workshop)