Jam in Jubilee

Jam in Jubilee is an interdisciplinary arts festival that runs each summer for six Thursday nights in Abbotsford, British Columbia. Jam in Jubilee delivers consistently top-tier cultural and community-building experiences, despite the fact that it is a free event, powered exclusively by volunteer hours and private donations.

Jam in Jubilee needs support on a number of levels: sponsorship from both private and public donors, buy-in from vendors and performers, volunteers to plan and execute its offerings, promotion from local and targeted media outlets, and the ongoing goodwill and participation of its community. In order to attract and retain this vital support, the people of Jam in Jubilee—from organizers to fundraisers to spokespeople—need to be telling their shared story. They all believe that Abbotsford is a better place to live when its small local businesses, artists, and musicians have an aboveground venue in which they can showcase their talents and build relationships. Jam in Jubilee is where Abbotsford’s vibrant grassroots culture comes out to play.

Salvo loves telling the Jam in Jubilee story. From writing content for sponsorship forms, to drafting and sharing press releases, to supporting Cassiar Media Works’ promotional video, to fielding radio and television interviews, to creating a proposal that secured funding from FACTOR, Salvo is proud to support the sustainable growth of this colourful cultural institution.

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