Resilient Futures

Resilient Futures is a network of strategic planning, risk management, and systems analysis experts. Their unique intellectual property, Strategy in Action (SiA), helps organizations to leverage the exponential changes currently transforming life and business worldwide. In other words, SiA equips teams and leaders to ride high on the wave of disruption rather than flounder in its wake.

More than a framework for strategic planning, SiA is a philosophy twenty years in the making. Fundamentally it’s about refusing to fear—or ignore—the future. And today, when exponential change is expressing itself in arenas as diverse as climate change and digital technology, the wisdom of SiA could not be more crucial. It was time for the people of Resilient Futures to distill their messages, experiences, and strategies into one publication.

I helped them do exactly that. I worked with a wealth of pre-existing training materials, interviewed their clients and partners, and conducted additional research. We had fascinating Skype discussions at odd hours, since I am in British Columbia and Resilient Futures is based in Australia. Ultimately, in less than six months, we created an approachable yet acute non-fiction book that could change a person’s worldview on a single transatlantic flight. It was released in 2015 to great acclaim, with influencers like Fast Company co-founder Alan M. Webber calling it an “essential guide”.

Since then, the Resilient Futures team and I have collaborated on two additional books, Strategy in Action: Navigator and The Disruption Readiness Test. These publications are building Resilient Futures’ thought leadership, connecting them with new networks, and opening up exciting possibilities for their organization.

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