The Sparkle Project BC

The Sparkle Project BC is an initiative to help young girls build their confidence and explore their passions. Spearheaded by the country singer and entrepreneur Kristal Barrett-Stuart, Sparkle is a growing community of British Columbian artists, public figures, and businesswomen who wish to provide mentorship to young women. The Project culminated in a Barrett-Stuart-penned song called ‘Sparkle’, and in Sparkle: An Inspirational Handbook For Young Girls, featuring true stories and success strategies from women like Fiona Forbes, Erin Cebula, Jillian Harris, and Tamara Taggart. Partial proceeds from the book and song fund bursaries for young women in pursuit of their dreams.

When Kristal first connected with Salvo Communications, her vision for the Sparkle Project BC was fully formed, but she knew she needed creative and strategic collaboration to create the book and launch the Project. Kristal is a magnetic social connector, so once she was equipped with resources that clearly expressed her mission, she was off to the races, assembling an awe-inspiring Sparkle Project BC community in record time.

To date, I have helped Kristal to write and release Sparkle, which was a number one Amazon best-seller, plan and write website content, deliver presentations that rocked audiences, and spread the word through press releases and social media posts. Check out a sampling of those Salvo-Kristal highlights in the links below, or read more about the Project on Salvo’s blog.

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