Tourism Abbotsford

Tourism Abbotsford is a not-for-profit society and a Community Destination Marketing Organization. They represent the community of Abbotsford to visitors and contribute to its long-term development through tourism.

In 2016, they were ready to refresh the format and feel of their Annual Report. They wanted a document that would feature all of the critical information their reports usually shared, but with more visual appeal and a greater emphasis on storytelling. I brainstormed an approach with their team, wrote the copy for the report, and worked with their in-house designer to produce the final results.

In the end, they had an Annual Report that represented their brand and expressed their role in the community. Abbotsford is a city in transition. Its rapidly growing population and demographic shifts are necessitating a fresh approach to everything from infrastructure to small business development. Tourism Abbotsford supports partners who are driving vibrant—and tourism stimulating—community experiences in Abbotsford. That’s why their Annual Reports focuses on real people and their stories.

2015 Tourism Abbotsford Annual Report