Whisper Media

Whisper Media is the brainchild of Jamie Munro, a videographer who helps small businesses and entrepreneurs ‘get noticed in under 3 minutes.’ Jamie’s videos are punchy, gorgeous, and emotional. The idea is to showcase an entrepreneur’s personality as the ultimate unique selling point for attracting an ideal clientele.

Without a doubt, video work is a unique communications challenge. The pressure to show up on camera with the ‘right’ words and a confident attitude can be daunting. However, when the results showcase an entrepreneur’s authentic self and most important messages, the effect is dazzling.

Kristin provides video coaching to Whisper Media clients when they want help bringing their ‘A game’ to the shoot. These coaching sessions involve a mix of message clarification, confident self-presentation strategies, and emotional preparation.

Whether the client needs help finding the right words or managing the acute anxieties that video work can stir, Kristin helps lay the foundation for the best possible filming experience. Sometimes she even sits in on the shoot and conducts the actual interview so that she and a client can simply ‘continue the conversation.’ Check out some of the Whisper Media clients Kristin has had the privilege of conversing with.

Suzanne’s Video
Angela’s Video
Shelagh’s Video