3 Things That Shouldn’t Shock You—But Will—When You Publish Your Book

Writing a book is an amazing experience—reserved specifically for psychos. What, you have so much to say you gotta divide it up into chapters and print it up? Did you get enough attention as a child?

Just kidding. My book-writing clients and I are psychos only in the most complimentary sense. It takes tenacity and focus to convert your life experiences, ideas, or unique intellectual property into a well-crafted and engaging publication (i.e. your insanity is of the high-functioning variety). And if it helps to be crazy like the fox when you’re taking on Herculean task of writing a book, you’re going to need extra reserves of wild-eyed determination when you reach the publication prep phase.

At this stage, you will be proofing your manuscript, working with a designer to lay it out, and making final decisions about the look and format of your book. It’s such an exciting phase, but you are guaranteed to encounter particularly potent stresses at this juncture. Writing your book tenderized your formerly robust mind. Editing nearly killed you. You’re tired and ready for the end of the project. You’re as defenceless as a highly literate little bunny. And then—WHAM. Unexpected challenges. They shouldn’t surprise you but they will.

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September 19, 2015