A ‘Keeping It Real’ Lesson From Elon Musk

For the last few months I’ve been buried neck-high in a book-writing project with some very intelligent, very interesting clients. In the course of researching content for the book I’ve been watching quite a few interviews with various entrepreneurs and industry leaders. (You know you’re a researcher when the makeup of your YouTube recommended videos list takes sudden hairpin turns. They used to recommend videos of kids dancing to Beyonce. Now it’s all Richard Branson and direct mail marketing.)

Anyway, last night I watched this video, featuring Elon Musk being Elon-Musky: all buttoned-down eloquence and even-keeled charisma.

“Authenticity” has become a terrible word, but he has it, and I appreciate it. Listen to what he says from about minute four to eight about navigating a period of acute anxiety. It’s real talk about making a hard decision and a huge investment and then waiting to find out whether the roof is going to fall down on your head or not. Nobody is so intelligent and strategic that they can bypass moments like these.

As the group therapy people say, “Thanks for sharing, Elon.” I really mean it.

[Author: Kristin van Vloten]

June 10, 2015