Targeting Done Right!


I do have to give it up when targeting is done well. I just got the above sponsored post in my Facebook feed and, hey, I am legitimately a woman who goes on lots of outdoor adventures and hangs out with other women who also go on outdoor adventures. For a second, I even considered complying with the post’s call to action because, dang it, I AM inspired by my female friends in outdoor contexts. I’m pretty sure that this is the first time I have ever had such an enthusiastic response to branded content. It certainly helps that my perception of the Arc’teryx brand is quite positive. If Nike posted something similar, I’d be pretty meh. But still! Targeting well done.

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April 22, 2015

How To Put An Actual Human Soul Into Your LinkedIn Summary



I have an idea for a killer new app. I’m thinking of calling it ‘Impressivizer’. You load it up with all your favourite industry buzzwords and it spits out a LinkedIn summary that you can simply copy and paste to your profile. Everyone is going to use this thing! I mean, imagine: Impressivizer will shave tens of minutes from everybody’s busy schedules, tens of minutes that were previously devoted to creating LinkedIn profiles. An inhuman generator to do the work of millions of sleepy, unfocused professionals fitting in tasks in between answering emails and checking Facebook.

The Average LinkedIn Summary Is A Massive Wasted Opportunity 

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December 10, 2014

Are there any good resources for case studies on social media marketing campaigns?

Here are some good resources for real-world Social Media marketing case studies. A dose of sober, grounded investigation to go along with your daily intake of pure hype! 😉

Answer by Jonathan Q. Walker:

For the best Social Media Case Studies visit Wishpond…

You can find more Social Media Case Studies from a variety of links below. I’ve also included an infographic. Hope this helps. Feel free to ask me any other questions you may have.

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Case Studies from MarketingSherpa…

Top Digital Marketing Case Studies (includes some Social Media too)

Social Media Today (lots of data)

All kinds of information on Social Media


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May 26, 2014

Learn My Failsafe Three-Step Method for Figuring Out If Someone Is Using HootSuite

Breaking! I have determined a failsafe method for determining whether the entity you are following on Twitter, Facebook, or [insert your social media of choice] is using HootSuite, the ‘world’s most widely used social relationship platform’ (italics mine).

1. Engage this entity on Twitter, Facebook, or [insert your social media of choice].

2. Wait for the response.

3. Keep waiting.

If you never get a response, you’re very likely interacting with someone’s social media brand via HootSuite, everybody’s favourite feathered automator. (Bonus: if you need 100% confirmation, track the frequency of inspirational quote posts. If about 50% of the content is Anthony Robbins quotes superimposed over pictures of sunsets, you’ve been Hooted.)

Why am I hating on HootSuite? I’m not really. HootSuite is a pretty magnificent tool for SOME businesses SOME of the time. The analytics are apparently great (albeit very expensive). Some businesses thrive in volume and their lead-capturing system needs to be firing on all cylinders, using techniques that are working now (which includes inspirational quotes, unfortunately). Generating mass clickage more efficiently through automation could be a great choice. It seems like HootSuite is mostly a really great thing for larger companies. But as always, one size does not fit all.

Often, I believe what works exceptionally well for a larger company or a particular industry has negligible benefit for other kinds of social media users. These users might be experiencing the best outcomes through using social media more…well, socially. It’s not like you can’t use HootSuite and still be conversational and engaged with your followers and fans. I just think its usage can encourage the kind of complacency that seems rampant in an age of hyperactive, confused, and unfocused social media use.  If we keep believing that the machines will do the work for us—whether the ‘machine’ in question is a Content Farm, an automation service, or any number of ‘game-changing’ tools—then we are failing to capitalize on the promise of social media. And in the long run, we might actually be driving people away by just disseminating obligatory and non-responsive pabulum.

[Author: Kristin van Vloten]


My kinda inspirational quote.

April 10, 2014

Why I am a Social Media Skeptic

Like any schlubby millennial, I use social media. Use, in fact, is a silly understatement. It’s more accurate to say that it has penetrated my life, transforming it in the most intimate ways. The social-media-verse is like the Holodeck on Star Trek: a space that is both a product of unrestrained, abstract minds and a very real environment in which consequences play out, changing all participants. I would never deny the revolutionary import of these spaces we are creating on the Internet. Moreover, these platforms or communities or whatever buzzy term you want to use obviously have application to our marketing communications. I mean…that’s obvious. I’m not a dummy or a crazy.

However, I’m convinced that the awe inspired by such weird and rapid changes to our way of life leaves most of us looking like doe-eyed targets for a new generation of snake oil salesmen. Enter the ‘Social Media Guru’ or most ‘Social Media Strategists’. The benefits of incorporating social media into a marketing strategy could be off the charts. Maybe. Possibly. Or it could be that the social media marketing you decide to participate in has a negligible impact on your bottom line.

That’s because social media marketing is not, in its essence, any different than so-called traditional marketing, despite what the new media prophets hath foretold. You still need to ask yourself to whom you are trying to communicate. You still need to ask yourself what that person cares about. You still need to ask yourself what action you want that person to take. You still need a strategy. You still need to be able to measure the results. That’s what too many of us do not do when we are make social media a part of doing business. I get it: it’s a wild, crazy, weird, and new frontier. It’s where No Man Has Gone Before and everyone (and I do mean everyone, ‘gurus’ notwithstanding) is simply learning the terrain. But I believe a grounded and evaluative approach will serve us well. Treating social media like a mysterious and magical doorway to a world in which we no longer need to feel like yucky old-fashioned ‘marketers’ is a big mistake. It’s a pipe dream.

Because my overriding concern is ‘what works’ and because I write words and disseminate them in strategic places for a living, social media is going to be a bone I gnaw on for quite some time. Next time I’m on the Holodeck, hanging out with Commander Riker in some ancient Athenian courtyard in period-correct togas, I’ll be sure to ask him what he thinks of HootSuite.

[Author: Kristin van Vloten]


Riker, Picard, and I at our last Google Hangout

April 9, 2014