Our experience working with Kristin has been exceptional. From the moment we first connected, she displayed an exceptional level of professionalism and an aptitude for quickly learning and applying the range of complex concepts we were putting to her.

She distilled our message into a completed product (book) that is on-point, energetic and engaging. She adapted well to our need to change deadlines and to do much more re-writing and editing than was initially planned. She has become a trusted colleague in our creative endeavors and we’re already scoping the next project we hope to do with her. Kristin is a rare and exceptional talent.

– David Platt

Executive Advisor,
Resilient Futures

We were writing a policy resolution to submit to the British Columbia Chamber of Commerce. Kristin helped to ensure that our submission was succinct, clear, and impactful.

We appreciated her quick turnover, creative suggestions, and ability to clearly express our intended message. Overall, the experience was easier than expected and gave us a lot of peace of mind. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Salvo Communications to others.

– Allan Asaph

Executive Director,
Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce

We contacted Kristin because we needed our annual report drafted. She took time at the beginning to ensure she understood our expectations and then proceeded to create a report in a short amount of time that was well researched, well written, and on target of what we were looking for. She also worked seamlessly with our in-house graphic designer.

We felt confidence in her right away. Ultimately, I was surprised and impressed by how she was able to write the report without a lot of intimate familiarity with our organization. She’s a pro and she knows what she’s doing.

– Craig Nichols

Executive Director,
Tourism Abbotsford

I love Kristin’s energy and genuine passion for what she does. We instantly clicked and I knew right away that I wanted to work with her.

When I first sat down with her to discuss my dream about writing an inspirational handbook for young girls, she fully saw my vision. She understood it. And she helped me make it a reality.

Kristin is absolutely BRILLIANT! She takes the words you are trying to say and makes them sound like everything you wish you could articulate. I always tell people that I am the president of her fan club and would very confidently recommend her to anyone!

– Kristal Barrett-Stuart

The Sparkle Project BC

I was working with a client who was very nervous about being on camera. Kristin’s video coaching made this person feel at ease. She allowed this person to show up as the best version of themselves. It made a big difference to the final video. And it helped me to feel a sense of happiness, joy and satisfaction as I did my work.

In her work with Salvo, Kristin brings out the best in people. She’s approachable, friendly, and good at what she does. Her range of skills—from interviewing to writing—is really surprising. She’s a real professional and I trust her with my own clients to give them the best experience possible.

– Jamie Munro

Founder & Chief Videographer,
Whisper Media

The best thing about working with Kristin is that she truly listens and she has some wonderful, viable, genuine solutions that can be incorporated into your messaging that work! I have very much enjoyed the journey of finding my unique message and ultimate branding that sets me apart from the rest. It’s a powerful feeling knowing where you are going and how to personally get there. I really enjoyed getting the feedback she received from some of my top clients. It was very interesting to hear what they thought of our product and company and it had everything to do with forming our marketing going forward.

– Adera Angelucci

Creator & Host,
Passionpreneur TV

With Kristin’s help I was able to distill my ideas into a message that got me the job interview—and ultimately, the new career—I was hoping for. She was totally confident in her ability to create the pitch I required and that confidence put me at ease, helping me to perform better. I knew I was working with a great product. And she did it all so efficiently. Anyone who needs to create great messaging should work with Salvo Communications—Kristin will hear your words and ideas and help you create exactly what you require.

– Stephen O’Shea

Executive Director
Arts Council New Westminster

Kristin has a gift for asking the right questions in order to give me what I want and need. And the fact is, she always delivers more than that. The results consistently blow me away. She is easy to work with, and her creativity and turnover time are awesome.

In one instance, Kristin re-wrote curriculum of mine that is currently being used province-wide by the government. She really took the work up a notch and I’m really happy with the results. I recommend Salvo Communications all the time because I feel confident that Kristin can help with any project.

– Teresa Pippus

Speaker, Workshop Facilitator & Coach,
The Joy of Working

Salvo got it done! The turn around time was awesome, and I loved how they were able to take my crazy notes and turn them into passion and personality.

I needed a bio but I find it difficult to write about myself in a way I feel comfortable presenting to others. Having Kristin write it for me not only saved me much time and agony over word choice but it allowed me to see myself in a different light.

What surprised me most about working with Salvo was how they were able to capture what I was trying to say and turned it into something beautiful that I am excited to use in my website. I was blown away really!

I don’t think people know how awesome it would be to have Salvo on their team. It’s incredible to be able to send rambling notes about your topic, product, or whatever, and have a succinct description returned with elegance and beauty shining through.

– Darla Sparrow

Birth & Reproductive Health Coach

The best thing about working with Salvo? Reliability, a proactive way of addressing projects and deadlines, good communication skills, plus quality product.

Salvo has enthusiasm to conquer and not get overwhelmed with the task at hand. They had an ability to legitimately make us sound really good – to package our achievements in an impressive narrative. Working with Salvo I feel pure joy…relief that I can hand things over to someone who is more competent than I and will have it done well with time to spare.

With Salvo’s help, our organization has made incredible progress and headway in new areas in which we did not have sufficient skills and expertise.

– Sophia Suderman

Executive Director,
Abbotsford Arts Council

When I have writing projects, Kristin van Vloten of Salvo Communications is the first person who comes to mind. Her work stands out far above all other communication and publicity solution providers, particularly in the area of press release development. Her writing is passionate, informed and inspiring, and she consistently demonstrates strong story-telling abilities. Kristin is a creative strategist, and her contributions have been a valued part of some of our most important projects. Above all, Kristin is a goal-oriented professional, always meeting deadlines and exceeding expectations.

– Jennifer Henczel

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