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When I first launched Salvo Communications, I thought, ‘Ok cool, I’ll just have a little copywriting business, wear pajamas all day, and be left alone.’ I was a couple years out of an excruciatingly painful period in my life, and I relished the idea of establishing a simple homebound self-employment. I just wanted peace and quiet.

But entrepreneurialism doesn’t work that way, does it?

At first, I struggled to market my services and define my niche in a world of Internet-expanded possibilities. I wasn’t 100% clear on how I offered unique value that would result in financial and social security. But after a while I noticed something. Instead of landing those quiet jobs writing brochures, I was being approached by people who wanted to get together and just…talk. They wanted help figuring out how to express their ideas and explain what they did to other people.  They wanted help articulating their brand, their mission, and their message. They didn’t feel 100% clear and as a result they didn’t feel 100% confident.

The following describes a process I found myself developing as I worked with entrepreneurs, speakers, and leaders who needed clarity about their core messages. I call it the Communication Core, because it is designed to help my clients lay the groundwork for on-point messaging in all of their marketing efforts, and it even starts them off with a foundational piece like a mission statement.

So please read on and consider whether you could benefit from investing a little time and money into clarifying your core mission and message. My goal is for you to walk away from this process with the ‘magic words’ that free you to start expressing yourself, kicking down doors, and making powerful contact with the people who are ready to reward you financially, socially, and emotionally. They will be the words only you could speak.

Take care & talk soon,


The Communication Core process looks like this

  1. Send me an email. Just say hi.
  2. I’ll say hi right back, then send you a customized questionnaire intended to focus your thinking and get me up to speed on what you do.
  3. Within 2 days, I will contact you to schedule a one hour-long Clarity Session over the phone or Skype. Then, during our session, we will nail down what you do, why you do it, and who you do it for.
  4. Within 2 days of the Clarity Session, you will receive a Communication Blueprint that puts everything we discussed into words. The Communication Blueprint will be your quick and dirty communications cheat-sheet, the essential information you need to share when you talk or write about your business, brand, or Big Idea.
  5. Then, if you want to go deeper, we will book and conduct a second hour-long Clarity Session over the phone or Skype. This second session will be devoted to fleshing out your message, brainstorming creative and effective ways of putting it all into words, and identifying the most important stories and sources of information for strengthening your pitches and legitimizing your mission.
  6. Within 2 days of the session, you will receive a Communication Core document that puts everything we discussed into words, and also includes the Mission Statement, Elevator Speech, Personal Brand Statement, or ‘About’ copy for your website (your choice) that I will write for you. This document will function like a seedbed for the copy you end up writing, speeches you end up delivering, and pitches you end up nailing. It will assist you in delivering your singular message in a voice that is uniquely your own.

It will cost

The first Clarity Session + Communication Blueprint is $150

The second Clarity Session + Communication Core is $150

Or purchase Two Clarity Sessions + Communication Blueprint + Communication Core together for $250

The Communication Core process is best for…

Solopreneurs or small business owners who have a lot of direct, personal contact with their clients

Speakers & gifted verbal communicators who connect easily with people but struggle to translate their essential ideas & values into coherent written messages

Entrepreneurs who have been doing their thing for a while & are ready to get to the next level in terms of having a polished, powerful, on-point brand

Visionaries & future thought leaders who know they have an online course, non-fiction book, or presentation series in their future

Sound interesting? Email me and we’ll have a chat about it. 

Learn more, read the FAQs.

February 20, 2015

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