The Easiest Pitch Ever



There’s nothing quite as sweet as watching a client-slash-friend attain the platform, position, or project that makes maximum use of his strengths. Stephen O’Shea is one such client-slash-friend and he’s a doozy.

Stephen recently became the Executive Director of the Arts Council of New Westminster, and he’s all over dat media, making great use of that plainspoken charisma that served him so well back in the days when he was only a wee rock star. Check him out applying a mild burn-sauce to the city of Surrey, BC, on CBC Radio’s On the Coast. Check him out getting props for his indie-music cred in the New Westminster Newsleader, and for his infectious enthusiasm in the New West Record.

Full disclosure: I’ve known Stephen O’Shea since we were both 16 years old. He, in fact, forced me to be his friend when it was my solemn intention to graduate from high school without forming a single attachment to the people I attended classes with. (Hey, I was very busy wearing a trench coat and writing tearful poetry in bathroom stalls.) He just kept talking to me. The dude is friendly! So he’s really more of a friend-cum-client. Big, big emphasis on friend.

Nevertheless, knowing him for over 15 years prepared me extremely well to assist him with pitching himself for the suddenly available Executive Directorship. I knew exactly how his beautiful character and unique experiences constituted comparative advantages. I knew his story, inside and out. I knew how it all made sense. He knew it too…but don’t we all need help now and then to bring our knowledge into a sharper relief? Helping him build his case and prepare for the interview process was easy and gratifying work. Especially since all turned out as it should have. He’s the right man for the job and now everybody knows it.

[Author: Kristin van Vloten]

April 16, 2015

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